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           My name is Lexi, I am the creator behind Baby Blends. I have a happy family of 5, soon to be 6. Myself, my fiance, our beautiful daughter with one on the way and our two little pups. We love spending time out in Nature and doing things like camping, hiking and snowboarding.

          Essential Oils have been apart of our lives for a few years now and I love that I have the choice in what type of health care I invest my money into for myself and my family. 

        My daughter was my inspiration to create Baby Blends. The Blends are perfectly diluted and very gentle on Babies sensitive skin and bodies. My passion is to provide Mama's out there with a convenient, safe and effective way to use essential oils with their Babies.

        I used Essential Oils to support my body, my health and my baby's health during my entire Pregnancy. The day my daughter was born we rolled diluted Frankincense on the bottoms of her feet and she  has been oiled up ever since.

        My family and I use essential oils daily to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. We use them in our home mainly for Emotional support and Immune support. We diffuse essential oils, clean with them, apply them topically, cook with them and use them in so many other ways every single day. 

All of our products are made with the finest Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade(CPTG)  Essential Oils. Each product is specifically crafted to leave you feeling caressed in the beauty of nature.

Baby Blends 
CPTG Essential Oil Blends for Teething, Nap Time, Immune support and More

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