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10 Cleaning Tips w/ Essential Oils

Okay ladies... or whoever does the cleaning in the house. I have 10 cleaning tips for you, or maybe 12. Get ready for your cleaning to become so much easier and convenient!

First off the BEST hack of all! Replace ALL of your cleaning supplies with 1 bottle of concentrate for under $20!

Save your money(and your health) and stop buying your all purpose spray, window spray, kitchen cleaner, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, wood cleaner, sanitizing spray, etc. and replace it with ONE bottle of On Guard Cleaner Concentrate.

The best part is, you will be replacing all of these harmful sprays filled with chemicals and toxins and who knows what, with an All Natural Cleaner.

This bottle can make 18 bottles of all purpose cleaners.

It’s going to last you a long time! Add it to your mop water, make several cleaners for different rooms, do you have a red lipstick stain on your carpet? Pour about ½ a tablespoon directly on it and scrub it out, be prepared to be amazed!

Where to get it…. https://www.doterra.com/US/en/my-cart

Ready for the next 10 hacks and DIY’s!?

Dryer Balls

Did you know the products we use in our laundry room are some of the most harmful products in our homes? So one laundry tip, replace your dryer sheets with dryer balls. Not only are you ditching toxins and chemicals. Dryer balls are less expensive, reusable and will cut back your drying time. All of that equals huge savings! Put a couple drops of essential oils on the dryer balls and your clothes will smell way better than they ever have before! Try Citrus Bliss, Lavender or Purify.

DIY Carpet Deodorizer

You have heard those carpet powders are toxic right? It is pretty well known to not let your babies crawl on the carpet or let your fur babies into the room until it is vacuumed up. Even then the powder can easily be left behind. Ditch the toxins and make your own carpet deodorizer. You literally only need 2 ingredients. Baking soda and essential oils of your choice. Combine in glass jar and shake.

If your pets have had accidents in your home on the carpet, I definitely recommend doing this, you will be amazed at how well it takes the smell away. Use around 15 drops per cup. Some oils I recommend are doTERRA blend Purify, Lemongrass, Melaleuca, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus.

Purify Mop Water

I always mop with the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate but to add a boost I will add some essential oils to my mop water. One of my favorite ways to use the last couple drops of my citrus oils are taking apart the whole bottle and dropping all of the pieces into my mop water.(Lid, Orifice, Bottle) Your house is going to smell amazing once you are done cleaning your floors. One of my favorites to put in my mop water is the blend Purify. Not only are you effectively cleaning your floors and cleansing the air, you will also benefit from the aroma therapeutic properties.

Forget Laundry in the Washer?

We all do it. We finally get the motivation to do the laundry and then we forget about it in the washer. You either take the chance and throw it in the dryer and hope it smells okay or you rewash it over and over again. OR you can put a few drops of Lemon essential oil in with your clothes and do a quick rinse and spin. Your clothes are now smelling fresh and clean and ready to dry!

Remove Trash Can Smell

Okay super simple. Grab a newspaper put a few drops of Purify, Lemon, Citrus Bliss, Lemongrass or whatever you prefer and put it on the bottom of the can below the bag. This is going to sanitize as well as deodorize your trashcan.

Messy Microwave?

It’s okay, everyone’s microwave has looked like a disaster. Who knows yours may look like one right now. I am pretty positive its a fact that no one likes to clean their microwave. All the splatters and gunk always seem to be such a pain to remove. Okay so you know that On Guard Cleaner I was talking about in the beginning? This is going to make your life so much easier. Make an all purpose cleaner with the concentrate. You only need 2 tablespoons per 24 oz of water. Add some oils if you prefer, lemon would be great. Spray the inside of your microwave and just let it sit for about 3-5 minutes. There will be no scrubbing, it all just wipes off super easily!

Goo Remover

Lemon. Lemon is your answer for any grease, stickers, labels, goo, gum, marker stains. That’s all.

Washer Spray

You know when your washer starts to get that weird smell? After doing several loads of laundry in a row or after you leave a load of wet laundry in the washer for a couple hours.Well here is your solution. Purchase a bottle of Purify and a little spray bottle. Just simply mix together about 15 drops of purify and water and spray a couple sprays in your washer however often you would like to.

Bathroom Spray

Make this smell good spray. Get a glass bottle. Add 1 tsp of rubbing alcohol and put around 25 drops of essential oil of your choice and fill the rest up with distilled water. Some oil blends I recommend would be Wild Orange & Cinnamon, Clove, Cassia & Lemon.

Remove stains with Lemon

For the most effective way to get the stain out is to catch the stain quick. As soon as you dirty something, wash it off, put a couple drops of Lemon directly onto the stain, gently rub it in and throw it into the wash. When you are switching the clothes into the dryer first check the stained clothes, if the stain is gone, throw it into the dryer like normal. If the stain is still kind of there, I would repeat the lemon and wash it again.

I thought of one more!

Wash your fruit and veggies

After grocery shopping, gather up all of your fresh fruit and vegetables and wash them! Put a couple drops of Lemon in the water this is great for cleansing your fruit and veggies.

Now where to get these amazing doTERRA Essential Oils I have mentioned?

Go to this link…. https://www.mybabyblends.com/more-oils

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