• Lexi Lambeth

All Natural Throat Spray

Do you have several empty doTERRA essential oil bottles, but do not know what to do with them? Great, well collect some of your empty Lemon, Frankincense or On Guard bottles. These will make for an amazing all natural throat spray. As you know On Guard is our protecting blend, this oil is amazing for protecting and boosting our immune system. The oils in On Guard also help to numb the throat and ease any pain that is happening. Frankincense is amazing to add for its anti-inflammatory properties. Lemon works wonderful for breaking up mucus and also calming inflammation allowing for clear breathing passages. These 3 together are also going to help kill any bacteria or virus living in the throat.


1. Empty 15 ml doTERRA bottle

2. Add 3-4 drops of each- On Guard, Lemon, Frankincense

3. Fill the rest up with filtered water

4. Add a Black Misting Spray Top

5. Done!

Spray in the back of the throat often. Any time you have a tickle, scratch or feel soreness, do a couple sprays. You are going to love this!

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