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Purse Makeover

Natural Purse Makeover

I think we can agree that there are 2 purses that exist. Maybe you own both.

1. That purse that is filled with anything and everything


2. That tiny satchel with just your wallet and a Chap Stick inside

Either way here are a ton of different products you can one, add to your purse or two, replace in your purse.

Peppermint Beadlet

  • Fresh breath

  • Energizing

  • Nausea

  • Car sick/Motion sickness

  • Oral Health

  • Respiratory Health

On Guard Beadlet

  • Immune boost

  • Healthy respiratory function

  • Protection for overall health

  • Freshen Breath

  • Protect against environmental threats

Slim and Sassy Gum

  • Manage hunger cravings

  • Promotes healthy metabolism

  • Natural sweeteners

  • Sugar- Free

On Guard Sanitizing Spray

  • Kills bad germs

  • Boosts good germs

  • Eliminating bad bacteria

  • Cleanses skin

  • Convenient

  • Uplifting aroma

Clary Calm

  • Anxiety

  • Balance emotions and mood

  • Relieve menstrual cycle pain

  • Bloating

  • Cooling effect on skin

Lip Balm

  • Essential oils

  • Made with plant oils and botanicals

  • Natural

  • Soothing & Hydrating

  • Unique scent and taste

Rose Lotion

  • Promotes smooth and beautiful skin

  • Natural

  • Uplifting aroma

  • The best part is, is that the full $20 purchase price of the Rose Hand Lotion is donated to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.

Rose Touch

  • Uplift mood

  • Balance emotions

  • Natural perfume or natural deodorant

  • Healthy complexion, zit zapper, promotes even skin tone

  • Cuts, scrapes, burns, bug bites

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Migraines/ Headaches

  • Reduce stress

DigestZen Softgels

  • Overall Digestive support

  • Hiccups

  • Heartburn

  • Acid re flux

  • Stomach ache

  • Reduce bloating & gas

There are many others you can add to your purse as well. Add whatever is necessary for yourself and your families needs. If you cannot live without your 'Balance' blend. Always keep it in your purse at all times, whether its in a sample size or the full bottle. Put a couple Serenity Soft gels in a baggie for those times you cant sleep while traveling or a sample size of Frankincense because we all know Frankincense is good for just about everything!

I hope this gave you a little bit of motivation to dump out your purse, clean it up, get it organized and replace some of your old things with some new natural products.

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