What do you do when you are angry? Do you stay in that angry mindset for awhile, it doesn't feel good does it? It's okay, we are ALL guilty of it. What if we didn't HAVE to feel angry though. What if we didn't HAVE to let things effect our emotional well being in such a negative way. 


Let change that! 


Yes, acknowledge the facts and really notice how you choose to perceive the situation, take a few deep breaths (Literally, do it!), roll this Chillax Blend behind your ears, over your heart, on your wrists, etc and  then smell the blend straight from the bottle and let all of your thoughts drift away. 


This blend can promote feelings of relaxation as well as ease built up tension. The CPTG doTERRA essential oils in this blend can help decrease feelings of anger, irritation and annoyance. The aroma is very calming and will bring feelings of peace and fairness.


This blend is going to be amazing for anyone who suffers with anger issues, someone who is seeking more patience, or for anyone on this planet who gets "mad" on occasion.  



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