Every feeling, thought and spoken word plays a huge part in your life.

Be kind to yourself, be careful and be aware of what you are bringing in and out of your life.


Manifest Blend is a beautiful blend of 5 CPTG Essential Oils. This blend will help support you energetically, remember the thoughts and beliefs start with you. This blend is just a powerful tool to incorporate into your practice.

This lovely blend will help allow you to move out of fear and into confidence, faith, trust and so on. Using this blend daily along with positive outlook and belief, it will help allow you to manifest prosperity and abundance into your experience as well as clear any resistance you may have built up. 


Use this blend on your wrists, over your heart, on your neck, etc. as well as inhale the lovely aroma. 


Start manifesting love, abundance, family, a home, wealth, happiness, peace, anything you want. Manifest it NOW. 


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